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Crafting is an ancient practice that is perhaps as old as the human civilization itself. Archaeologists over the years have discovered in there excavations thousands of handmade objects crafted throughout the ages. Crafting reflects the culture, tradition and history of a places and lives long after the culture has vanished or undergone modern transformations. Crafting is a human art that involves limitless creative activities that relate to making things with your own hands and skills. Crafting usually involves a combination of skills, practice, speed and patience. Just like any other art, the more you practice, the more skill, accuracy and speed you will acquire. It can take years to attain mastery in any craft. Some traditional crafting activities are passed down generations, and there are families that are involved in traditional crafts as a profession or as their means of livelihood.  The best part about crafting is that almost anyone can pursue it, either as a hobby or even as a profession.  It's also a great creative experience for children of all ages to get involved in.  In the advanced countries, the art of crafting is gradually fading away as a profession because it entails painstaking amount of handwork and consumes a lot of time to create just one piece of craft. Therefore, primarily crafting as a profession is pursued in developing countries of Asia, where the old and traditional craft skills are still practiced. They are known as "handicrafts" and have a huge demand in the western world as an item of Asian export.

Whether you choose crafting as a profession or a hobby, you will need to keep stocked up on craft supplies.  In developing countries craft supplies are usually gathered from whats readily available from the surrounding environment.  In western or more advances countries, craft supplies can also be found in the surrounding environment but most people get their craft supplies from their local craft supply stores as well as online websites such as